Durability test

Rimex's Patterned Finishes provide a high level of resistance to scuffs, scratches and impact in applications where a #4, satin or other polished (and untextured finish) will readily scratch and reveal the slightest mark of impact.

The image below illustrates the benefits of Rimex's Patterned Finishes in providing long term maintenance cost savings as well as providing durable aesthetics of structures such as columns, panels, display and food service units where such damage is unsightly and a problem.

The image shows one half of a #4 polished sample of stainless steel that has been rolled with one of Rimex's Patterned Finishes (in this case 7GM®); leaving the other half of the sample unpatterned. The sample has then been placed under a test rig that scratches both halves of the material with different abrasive media.


The results are clear to see. The untextured side is readily damaged. Th Patterned side is scratched but the impact has been deflected, reduced or hidden due to the presence of a pattern instead of a flat surface.

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