Transport - The MetroGuard™ Collection

Rimex's MetroGuard™ Collection of metal finishes are as durable in application as they are versatile. This selection of applications is intended to illustrate the durability and aesthetics of patterned metal finishes in the transport sector. Being readily fabricated and easily maintained the finishes from the MetroGuard™ collection offer a long term cost saving material capable of hiding pedestrian and other impact damage.

Transport by Sea

Transport Transport Transport

Ceiling and wall cladding to shipping in the 6WL / 6-OM pattern in thin gauge stainless steel.

Transport by Rail

Transport Transport Transport

Seating, skirting and panelling in the 6WL / 6-OM, 7GM® and painted 5WL / 5-SM patterns and RigiTube™ handrails on rail and transit cars.

Transport by Road

Transport Transport Transport

Road and rail tanker cladding in the 5WL / 5-SM pattern stainless steel. Emergency vehicle cladding in the 6WL / 6-OM patterned aluminum. DIPTAC approved RigiTube™ handrails for all forms of transport.

Stainless steel is highly recyclable and typically contains 70% of recycled material. This percentage is increasing. Source: International Stainless Steel Forum.

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