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Here are some illustrations of Rimex's DesignScape™ Collection of metal finishes on architectural projects over recent years.

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Recently completed projects

University of Maryland

University of Maryland Performing Arts & Humanities Center, MD, USAApplication :


Champagne GranexT

Leeds University Archive, UK.

Leeds University Archive, UKApplication :


ColourTex® Bronze Mirror

Newcastle University Business School.

Newcastle University Business School<Application :


ColourTex® Bronze/Silver Pearl/Pagoda

Port of Juneau Visitor Center.

Port of Juneau Visitor CenterApplication :


Red & Blue Granex™

RaboBank, Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Theme PavilionApplication :


ColourTex® Black

Theme Pavilion, Shanghai

Theme PavilionApplication :


6WL ColouTex®

Crystal Mall at Project CityCenter, USA

CityCenterApplication :


Cambridge M1A Granex.

Trinity Square Shopping Centre, UK

Trinity Square Shopping Centre, Nottingham, UKApplication :

Fašade in

IR25 Imprimo™

Astoria Hotel, Lucerne, Switzerland

Astoria Hotel, Lucerne, SwitzerlandApplication :

Rimex Super Mirror

#8 polish finish.

Britomart Station, Auckland, NZ

Britomart Station, Auckland, New ZealandApplication :

Various ColourTex®

Quilted & Pearl.

Contemporary Jewish Museum, CA

Contemporary Jewish MuseumApplication : Blue Crossfire


Blue box shape fašade.

Shepherds Bush Station, London, UK

Shepards BushApplication : C1B Granex™

For internal and external cladding.

Ramada Hotel, Solothurn, Switzerland

Ramada HotelApplication : 6WL / 6-OM finish

with a satin polish.


Knightsbridge Station, London, UK

KnightsbridgeApplication : 6WL

6WL for station wall cladding.

Houston Int. Airport, Texas, USA

Houston AirportApplication : 5WL / 5-SM for

terminal structure.

Aloft London Excel, UK

Aloft London Excel, UK.Application :


Green Granex™

Beacon Centre at Blackburn College.

Beacon Centre at Blackburn College.Application :


ColourTex® Blue Pagoda

Dalton Cumbrian Facility, UK.

Dalton Cumbrian Facility, UKApplication :


ColourTex® Black Mirror

Sherman Theatre, Cardiff, UK.

Sherman Theatre, Cardiff, UKApplication :


ColourTex® Millenium Champagne Pegasus

Rotherham Civic Quarter, UK.

Rotherham Civic Quarter, UKApplication :


ColourTex® Gold

Blackpool Tower of Love Pavilion

Blackpool Tower of Love PavilionApplication :


ColourTex® Gold Mirror

New Bucks University, UK

New Bucks University, UKApplication :


Blue Pearl ColouTex®

SOCOM Building, Foetz, Luxembourg

SOCOM BuildingApplication :

ColourTex® Charcoal

Pagoda cladding.

Wembley Park Underground Station

Wembley Park Underground StationApplication :

5WL satin finish


Costa Coffee, Teeside, UK

Costa Coffee, Teeside, UKApplication :

ColourTex® Blue

Pearl cladding.

Finsbury Park Station, London, UK

Finsbury ParkApplication :

ColourTex® Blue

Pearl finish.

Neiman Marcus, Cambridge, MA, USA.

Neiman Marcus, Cambridge, MA, USA.Application : Ganex™ & ColourTex®

in Champagne and Bronze.

Exterior cladding.

Brand Building, Eindhoven, Holland

Brand BuildingApplication : Bronze Paladin

ColourTex® for exterior


East Link Motorway, Australia

East Link MotorwayApplication : 6WL / 6-OM 304

grade stainless steel.


Millennium Center, Cardiff, Wales

Millenium CenterApplication : Bronze Canvas

and 6WL ColourTex® for

exterior cladding.

Stainless steel is highly recyclable and typically contains 70% of recycled material. This percentage is increasing. Source: International Stainless Steel Forum.

Stainless steel also has excellent life cycle benefits. It has high corrosion resistance. Add the benefits of Rimex's finishes and stainless steel has aesthetics combined with minimal maintenance needs and longevity of product. For example, stainless steel buildings are now being designed to last 100 years; and when the building is eventually demolished the stainless steel will be recovered, recycled and re-used.

Stainless steel yields long life and value qualities.

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