Quality Policy Statement




Rimex Metals (UK) Ltd has been producing surface finishes on stainless steel and other metals since 1959. With comprehensive manufacturing facilities and a global network of agents and distributors, Rimex is capable of delivering an extensive selection of finishes on a range of metals to anywhere in the world.


Customer service and satisfaction is Rimex’s priority and combined with an extensive and continued investment programme we intend to preserve and strengthen our position at the forefront of metal finishing technology.


Committing to continually improving the effectiveness of the quality management system and setting relevant quality objectives, against which we monitor and measure our performance is key to Rimex improving efficiency and increasing value for money


Reviews of the objectives and the continued suitability of the quality system will be conducted regularly to ensure we maintain our focus on delivering high quality goods and services to our customers.


This policy is communicated to all employees with Rimex’s management creating an environment whereby the policy is implemented to meet and support compliance with customers, regulatory, statutory and other requirements.


Rimex places particular emphasis upon its experience, capability, expertise and reliability to provide quality goods and service in all areas of its business.







Tim Childs

Managing Director


15th April 2014


RMD34 rev 2